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I came in once a week to this sixth grade class. The teacher stayed and observed. I asked her if she could evaluate effectiveness and/or enjoyment and she wrote this:

"Our class loves you and math enrichment. I want to thank you for enhancing the problem solving skills of the students. You have also helped the students understand the math concepts I have presented more clearly.

The class is learning to think and reason logically and objectively under your direction. You have helped them to solve and create abstract variable equations and functions."

She is at least partially referring to my "black box" exercises. I happened to present that exercise just before the class tried to learn functions. Whenever the students had trouble understanding what a function was, the teacher found it useful to remind them of the "black box" exercises.


In one class this year, the students gave me a thank you card and wrote whatever they wanted; in the other class, students were given the assignment to write a thank you card to whomever they wanted and I got 9 cards (56%). Students are not in any position to know whether they have learned anything, because the learning is essentially unconscious, but they can attest to enjoying themselves. Anyway, some of their comments:

Thanks for doing math enrichment. It is awesome!!

You make me think.

I want to thank you because of you I wouldn't love math as much as I do now.

Thank you for coming into our classroom so that you could let us have fun.

Thank you for teaching me the Black Box it is a lot of fun. It was the best time with you ever.

You made my brain stretch

You were a good teacher

You have made me think and learn so much. You're a great teacher.

It was so fun having you. You make me think.

You can confuse me a lot. You were great this year and you made me think a lot.

It was so fun! I loved it!